• VBISD Collaboration Programs

    There is an amazing collaboration between Paw Paw Early and Later Elementary staff and the Van Buren Intermediate School District Autism Team!
    There are two Structured Teaching Autism classrooms operated by the VBISD and housed in the Paw Paw Early Elementary and Later Elementary Schools. These two classrooms are supported by the VBISD Autism Teaching Team. Students in these classrooms come from local districts across the county, including Paw Paw. With excellent planning, training (using the START evidence-based practices model), patience, and positive effort, many students have been successfully included into the general education classrooms from Kindergarten through 5th Grade.
    The teachers, principals and staff at both buildings have graciously joined in the challenge and have been rewarded by the amazing growth of these students. As these students are able to return to their local school district communities, it is in large part because of Paw Paw Public Schools' commitment to giving all children the opportunity to learn.