Guidelines For Proper Theatre Etiquette

  1. Timely arrival is a must.

            Patrons should be in their seats at least 3 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.Should someone arrive late for a performance they should and may have to wait for a break to find a seat.


  1. No personal conversations during a performance.

      Once a performance of any kind has begun, please conclude personal    conversations until intermission or the conclusion of the performance. Please respect the other patron’s ability to enjoy the show as well as the performers.


  1. Please turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices.

            At no time during a performance should anyone place a call, receive a call, respond to or send a text, or perform any other function with any device which may disturb the other audience members around them. If it is absolutely necessary that you use your phone, you must go to the lobby to do so.


  1. Restless children should be taken to the lobby.

            Should younger children find it difficult to sit through an entire performance, please take them to the lobby area where we provide a closed circuit feed of the performance.


  1. No Flash photography.

      Regardless of what the performance might be, you must refrain from using a flash when taking photos as it is distracting to the performers and audience members around you. Flashes can also pose a danger to performers. Photography of any kind may be prohibited during certain performances. Please be sure to look for posted signs in the lobby or ask an usher if photography is okay.


  1. Video recording during approved performances only.

            Video recording is not permitted at all events (it is strictly prohibited during plays and musicals). If video taping is permitted, you may not set up tripods in the aisles. Tripods must be in front of you in your seat.


  1. No Audio recording of any kind at anytime.

            There is absolutely no audio recording of any kind aloud at any time during any performance.


  1. Please stay off the stage.

            Please do not go on the stage or allow children to go on the stage prior to, during, or following any performance.


  1. Please do not go into any backstage areas.

            Please refrain from going through the backstage hallways or going into the green room, dressing rooms, or make-up room. If you are at a performance and wish to speak with a performer please do so after the performance in the lobby area. If you have an emergency or need to speak with a performer at any other time, please speak to a staff member or an usher.


  1. Please keep your feet off the seats and railings.

            Please do not climb on or put your feet on the seats in front of you. If you are sitting in a front row please do not put your feet on the wooden edge.


  1. No food, beverages or gum please

            All food items including gum should be enjoyed in the lobby area only. Bottled   water is the only food or drink item allowed in the theatre.


  1. No lighters or laser pointers

      Smoking is prohibited at all times on all Paw Paw Public School campuses. Lighters should not be out during any events at any time. Laser pointers are prohibited at all times in the Performing Arts Center. They are very dangerous to the performers. Individuals found to be using a laser pointer during a performance may be subject to criminal charges.


  1. Proper conduct

            The Performing Arts Center is a place to relax and enjoy entertainment. Please conduct yourself in a manner appropriate for a family environment. Also, please remember that we often have younger audience members at our events so please refrain from using foul or abusive language.


Patrons who are found to be in violation of any of the above may be warned and/or removed from the facility. Admission charges will not be refunded if you are removed from the facility for a violation. Students should also be aware that the Performing Arts Center is part of the school system and they will be held accountable for disruptions caused during a Performing Arts Center event. Students may be banned from the facility for the remainder of the school year if they are found in violation of the above.

            Please help us continue to provide an appropriate and educational performance environment here in Paw Paw.

Last Modified on October 20, 2009