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What is Ready? 

Ready? is an initiative focused on giving Paw Paw Public Schools students more access to current technology.

What is the Mission Statement for this initative?  

The Ready? initiative will level the playing field, enabling all students to think critically, be creative, and have the courage to take risks, as they become College, Career, and Community ready.

What is the Vision Statement?

Students who are able to navigate the world of technology to enhance their success.

How do we define a successful student?

Successful students can tell you what they know, can explain and support their understanding, and continue to self-educate throughout life.

How is this initiative funded?

Last August, the voters in the Paw Paw Public Schools approved two bond questions.  Since then the district has been working hard on both.  The first bond was primarily focused on security enhancements, building infrastructure and improvements at Falan Field.  The second bond has to do with increasing opportunities by enhancing access to technology.

Who is overseeing this initiative?

Over the past several months a team has been meeting to discuss and plan the best way to implement this second bond.  At various times, this team has included teachers, administrators, board members and members of the community.  Constant members of this committee include:

Tony Habra- Superintendent

Tony Nuismer- Technology Director

Mary Puckett- Curriculum Director

Barb Khaja- Director of Finance

Mike Dahlinger- High School Principal

Tammy Southworth- High School Assistant Principal

Jerry McDaniel- Middle School Principal

Michelle Wistinghousen- Interim Elementary School Principal

Carol Edinger- Community Education Director

What areas are being considered as we implement this initiative?

There are nine areas that are being discussed in varying level of detail as the initiative progresses.  They are not listed in any particular order and the focus changes depending on the meeting.  There is always overlap during the discussions.  The nine areas are:

  1. Mission and Vision (see above)

  2. Strategic Planning (This committee oversees all areas)

  3. Deployment

  4. Finance and Funding (including sustainability)

  5. IT Considerations

  6. Engaging the Community

  7. Instructional Practices

  8. Professional Development

  9. Measuring Success

Looking at "deployment", will all students get devices at the same time?

Deployment will be done in phases.  Phase 1 deployment is detailed below.  Phase 2 is not yet decided.  Part of the deployment depends on  IT Considerations,  Instructional Practices and Professional Development.

  1. A pilot program will begin the process.

  2. Because the Middle School and Cedar Street are being upgraded with additional access points and switches so they can handle an influx of devices in the building, they will be the first to receive the new devices.

  3. Seventh grade and the MAA students (at Cedar Street) will be the first to pilot.

  4. All of the teachers at the MS and MAA, including specials teachers, were asked about what they would like the students to be able to do or produce with the devices and each group generated a list.  A meeting was held recently with teachers from all the buildings, administrators and a community member to clarify and prioritize that list.  Our Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Mary Puckett, and our Technology Director, Tony Nuismer, will use that list to pick the device that best meets those needs.  Stay tuned for that decision.  Devices may vary by building.

  5. The teachers in the pilot group should receive the devices in May of 2015 in order to begin to get comfortable with the device and its capabilities and applications.

  6. Professional Development is being scheduled starting in June 2015 and will be connected to using the device.

  7. Our goal is for devices to be available for student use at the start of 2nd semester of 2015-16.

When will the students get devices/computers?

Our goal is for devices to be available for students in the pilot group to use at the start of around second semester of the 2015-16 school year.

Do we have enough internet to handle all these computers/devices?

The bond should take care of this, but it has helped determine where our pilot will begin. An educational technology coordinator has been hired to help us design these upgrades.  This was done through a bidding process and Technology Coordinator, Tony Nuismer, helped tremendously with that decision.

How are we letting the community know about this initiative?

An article in the Pride and Progress and a letter will begin the engagement.  We have also talked about a booth at Paw Paw Days and the Wine and Harvest Festival, blurbs on Facebook and of course this FAQ page on the website.

How will a device be chosen?

We have begun this process with asking what we want students to produce with the devices.  There will be many discussions on this moving forward and they will be building, grade and classroom specific.  We are working on a way to share them with each other and the  best way to build that into the way we do business.

What training will teachers receive?

We know we will need additional support in the way of personnel and the committee is exploring various ways to provide it, working on the idea of how to build it into our Professional Development days throughout the school year.  

How will we know if this initiative is making a difference?

The team is focused on determining if having these devices is positively impacting student learning and is  working on setting up the criteria for measuring this.

How can I stay informed about this initiative?

As the Ready? initiative progresses, the committee will continuously be addressing these nine areas as we move forward for the benefit of our students. We will also be continuously updating the information on the Bonds page on the website- http://ppps.org/domain/475- inluding a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on this page.

What should I do if I have questions about the Ready? initiative?

If you have questions about this initiative, please send them to any committee member, and we will compile those questions and answers for everyone to see.

    PPS Ready