Strategic Plan 2015-16
Provided below are the goals and objectives for the district in the form of a strategic plan.  The plan has four long-term goals.  Each goal will be examined each year but are expected to remain the same for the next five years, from 2015-16.  Each goal also has strategies that have been developed as a means of supporting the goals.  These strategies are drawn on from a number of sources, but most significantly from the school and district improvement plans.  The strategies re shorter term, two to three years, but they will receive a hard look each year to see if they need to be reaffirmed or modified.  I will be highlighting some examples of various activities in the district that support the strategies via my blog link, located on the Superintendent page of the district website
Tony Habra, Superintendent 
Strategic Plan
Paw Paw Public Schools will provide every student with the opportunity to maximize his or her learning potential in a spirit of cooperation and shared purpose among students, parents, community, staff and the Board of Education.
College...Career...Community Ready!
GOAL #1     Increase Student Achievement
A. Increase language arts and math proficiency at each grade level consistent with the school improvement plans.
B. Integrate the use of technology in the curriculum.
C. Strengthen the evaluation process.
D. Improve positive student behavior through Positive Behavior Supports (PBS).
E. Implement and use new assessments to help place students and determine growth (AIMSweb, SAT, PSAT). 
F. Expand awareness of 3C2.
GOAL #2     Maintain Financial Stability to Improve Student Achievement 
A. Begin all budgeting with the question: "What's best for all the students of the district?"
B. Balance all budgeting questions against "Is it fiscally responsible?"
GOAL #3     Improve Internal & External Communications
A. Improve connectivity and consistency across the buildings.
B. Maintain transparency in the decision-making process.
C. Maintain social media connection by continuing to showcase student achievement and image of the district.
D. Maintain connections to business community.
GOAL #4     Maintain a Safe & Efficient Environment
A. Enhance and expand security operations.
B. Streamline district operations.
C. Consistently address bullying incidents.
D. Improve morale throughout the district.
E. Continue to provide and expand a network of mentoring for leadership.
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