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Proposal 1
$12,390,000   0 Mill Increase Over 201
Provides District-Wide Remodeling, Secure Entry Vestibules, Instructional Technology and Public Restroom/Team Building
Proposal 2
$1,670,000   0 Mill Increase Over 2013 
Additional Technology Infrastructure and Instructional Equipment 
Are these upgrades really necessary? 
Yes.  Remodeling will address our most critical building needs in order to improve functionality and meet current safety requirements.  Improvements will also reduce energy costs and help put more of our operational budget toward education.
What's included in technology? 
Technology infrastructure will create the backbone with wireless capacity so computers and individual devices can be used throughout the buildings.  Technology equipment in Proposal 1 will replace outdated equipment.  Technology in Proposal 2 will provide every student with access to a computer for educational purposes.
Why are we buying technology on a long term bond? 
Instructional technology equipment items are expensive for a school district to purchase out of the operational fund.  Although they're purchased with a bond, they'll be paid for in the first 5 years of the bond.
Why is this important to me?  I don't have kids in school. 
These proposals uphold our investment in our facilities and keep our schools, community and property values strong.
Didn't we just approve a bond to fix up our buildings? 
The last bond was 9 years ago.  We need to continue to take care of our facilities.  This is a 10-year plan to keep our school buildings in good order. 
What are the goals/expected outcomes? Why consider this?
Our technology initiative will level the playing field enabling all students to think critically, be creative and have the courage to fail as they become college, career and community ready.

A successful student is one who can tell you what they know, explain and support their understanding and continue to self-educate throughout life.

Can our Infrastructure handle the load? 
No, not yet.  The infrastructure (wiring, access points, etc.) range from pretty good (HS) to non-existent (Cedar Street) but all need an upgrade if they are going to be able to handle an influx of individual technology.  This is part of the bond.

How do we support these devices after they are here?
We currently have two full time technology support people for the district and we hire part-time summer help as well.  Even now this is being redesigned with the expectation that we will be joining a technology consortium with KRESA and VBISD so that we can increase and decrease the level of support as needed.  This will also allow us to get a specialist for a particular area depending on the need and is poised to be in place before the start of the next school year.

We also know that we will need to have people who can support our staff with individualized, on the spot Professional Development and with helping students transition (especially the younger ones) to a new learning environment.  How this is developed and implemented is part of the process after the bond is passed and will be done by the Education Technology Action Committee (ETAC).

How do we make certain Staff is ready to implement?
Administrative preparation, professional development for the teachers, a pilot program, grade level deployments, and clear policy and expectations followed by supportive evaluations are all part of this process.  Specifics will be developed for all of this by ETAC, administration and teachers.

How do we pick the right device for the right grade level?
This will be done through research of districts that have successfully rolled out a technology initiative, relying on their experiences to help make the best choices for our students.

How and when do we rollout and our devices?Where, when, how, prep work before, repair, warranty, updates after, maintenance, connection and the myriad of small technology issues that happen will need to be discussed and planned for with KRESA and VBISD as that time gets nearer.

How do we make sure the initiative is effective?
Our administration will be working with our teachers, as they do now, to make certain it is being implemented and integrated as expected and make adjustments and changes as required.

How do we decide who gets what, when?
his will be done over the course of the five years of the bond.  It will be decided by ETAC, administration and the teachers. This will be deliberate and done with care so that at the end of the five years we will be ready to replace those devices that have become obsolete with new ones but continue to use the others.  As the cycle continues, new machines will replace obsolete ones every year.

How will we sustain this cycle?
The current thinking is that after five years of integration in a deliberate and supported manner this will become such an important part of our educational environment that we will be able to use a modified/supported "Bring Your Own Device" model that will make certain all of our students have access to the technology.

Is anyone else in our area doing this?Other districts in the area currently implementing or have implemented a similar initiative include:

South Haven
Three Rivers

What will this bond issue accomplish? 
Safety:  Secured entry vestibule, Fire alarm system upgrades, Phone system upgrades with emergency response, Emergency lighting upgrades, Security cameras 
Technology:  Technology infrastructure including wireless, Classroom instructional equipment
Remodeling:  Window upgrades for energy efficiency, Lighting upgrades for energy/efficiency, Restroom improvements, Replace doors and hardware, Heating, ventilation, and fresh air upgrades, Electrical power upgrades for technology, Parking lot improvements
Athletic Upgrade:  Public restroom/team building to be located at Falan Field 

    PPS Ready

2014 Bond Proposal

When do we vote?
Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Where to vote?
Vote in your usual polling place for local, state and national elections.  Visit www.michigan.gov/vote to locate your polling place or to register to vote.
Who can vote?
Any voter registered in Paw Paw Public Schools.
Absentee voting:
Visit www.michigan.gov/vote to request an absentee ballot or ask for one at your Township or County Clerk's Office.
The last day to register to vote in this election is July 7th, 2014.
Did you know...
Funds from these bonds cannot be used for salaries or benefits of staff, teachers or administration. 
For more information contact:
Mr. Anthony Habra, Superintendent
Email:  ajhabra@ppps.org
Phone:  269-657-8802